Treatment and Coatings

Corrosion Protection

Capital Star Steel SA provides our clients with the highest quality pipe corrosion protection in order to contribute to the lifespan of steel pipelines for all your piping projects in the gas, oil and water industries. With the latest coating materials and techniques available in the industry we ensure the best possible and fit for purpose coating applications as per the clients requirements. We are a value added partner to your piping requirements. We will gladly discus the various options available for your piping project needs.

Pipe Coating and Lining process

The external surfaces of pipes have to undergo a comprehensive abrasive cleaning process before any application of coatings can be done. This process consists of external grit blasting, using mechanical impellers.

Grit blasted pipes to SA 2½ are then externally coated. First the pipes are heated by a medium frequency induction process, where after, the pipes enter a spray cabinet where fusion bonded epoxy powder is electro-statically applied to the surface. Pipes then undergo the application of two layers of extruded polymer coatings from two separate consecutive extruders. The first extruder applies a layer of co-polymer adhesive and the second applies a layer of high density polyethylene.

Pipes are then cooled in a quenching bath to ensure that the coating is well cured before handling. The pipe ends are then mechanically brushed to remove the polyethylene coating as required by the specification, to ensure that the coating will not be affected when pipes are joined by butt welding on site.

Capital Star Steel SA, has industry leading technology for the application of protective coatings and linings to steel pipes. The following protective coatings are on offer;

External protection

  • 3 – Layer Coatings are becoming increasingly popular where corrosion and mechanical protection of pipelines is required. This is achieved by applying an initial FBE coating for corrosion protection, followed by a co-polymer adhesive and a protective polyethylene or polypropylene layer which provide for protection against mechanical damage. Three-layer coatings function well in high operating temperatures
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) applied directly to pipe using an extrusion bonding process. It provides cost effective protection to pipes against mechanical damage, chemical and corrosion attack.
  • Product features include:
    • High impact and soil stress resistance
    • Ability to accept pipe bending without damage to coating
    • High dielectric strength and electrical resistance
  • Liquid Epoxy Coatings and Linings may be applied where piping is exposed to an aggressive external atmosphere such as within a chemical plant or at coastal installations.

Internal protection

Liquid epoxy linings. These have been utilized successfully for many years in systems conveying water, sewage, chemical and petrochemical products. Various grades are available to suit specific service requirements.

Cement Mortar / Concrete Lining is the preferred lining medium specified by designers for potable water services. The system offers an appropriate balance between performance and economic considerations with respect to corrosion, wear protection, ease of installation and final cost.