Pipe Identification and Tracking

Capital Star Steel implement an automated product (steel pipe) tracking system by using Couth pin marking technology that will automatically number each pipe sequentially with a human readable pipe number and at the same time also insert a machine readable 2D code as per illustration. This is to provide accurate traceability and tracking of pipe throughout the manufacturing process.

This Automatic pipe marking system will be utilized to track the steel pipes from point of origin throughout the manufacturing process to the dispatch and storage area. Due to the fact that this pin marker will be linked to the server via the individual process computers, each and every pipe numbered will be logged in the pipe tracking system. The Automatic ID system will provide “real time” automated information of the whereabouts of a steel pipe, date and time of fabrication and exact location in the system.

This will also assist in the stock taking and dispatch of pipes.

Additional Benefits to customers

As an added advantage, customers can experience the same benefits of pipe tracking and stock holding by utilizing the same scanning process.