Electric Resistance Welded Pipe

Capital Star Steel SA uses the high frequency induction welding (HFI) process to manufacture pipes ranging in diameter from 219 mm (8 inch) to 610 mm (24 inch), and in various wall thicknesses.

In the ERW HFI manufacturing process, steel coil is mechanically formed into the required pipe diameter, after which a highfrequency electrical current is applied to heat the pipe to fuse the skelp to form a weld. Since no filler material is added, the weld joint becomes a homogeneous part of the completed pipe, thereby ensuring that the required engineering strength and performance specifications are met. See Table 2.

A completely smooth and high quality pipe is ensured via the process of removing the weld beads both internally and externally.

From raw material to finished pipe, the product undergoes the stringent international standard quality testing, thereby guaranteeing you the highest quality:

  1. Immediately after the welding, the weld seam is ultrasonically inspected on the line.
  2. The heat affected zone is annealed to ensure that the grain structure is normalised.
  3. The pipes are then straightened and sized to the required tolerances before being cut to length.
  4. After the ends are bevelled the pipe is hydrostatically pressure tested.
  5. To ensure quality compliance to the required standard/ specification the pipe is then Ultrasonically tested.
  6. Finally the pipes are inspected, weighed and marked, and can be varnished prior to dispatch. Pipes may also be transferred to the coating and lining plant for corrosion protection treatment as required by customers.

Typical uses of Capital Star Steel Pipes

  • Capital Star Steel SA pipes can be used in a variety of projects. The under mentioned list provides you with just a few of the applications of our products:
  • Oil & Gas Transmission including off shore lines
  • Casings and Tubing
  • Water Transmission
  • Penstocks for Hydroelectric Power Projects
  • Sewerage Transmission and Outfalls
  • Structural Members for Bridges and Buildings
  • Foundation Piles for Buildings & Harbours
  • Industrial Waste e.g. Acids down to pH 2.5, Alkali > pH 9
  • Fabricated steel pipe bends and fittings
  • Rectangular & Square Section for structural applications